Animals Have Rights

The Kindness Of Strangers

I have written so much about animal suffering that it feels right to relate the many stories of human kindness. I believe people are basically good and if they only knew what goes on behind the scenes then most would choose compassion over cruelty. That is why I write these short essays.

Millions of everyday people, driving to work or home, go out of their way to do kind things. Here is an inspiring video about people rescuing animals from dangerous situations, often at risk to themselves.

Restore your faith in humanity in four minutes

I have often asked myself what I would do in this situation. Would I dive into freezing water to rescue a trapped dog, or climb down a steep cliff to clamber up, hand over hand, with a lamb under my arm? None of us know the answer until such a situation arises, but I hope so. We often underestimate our capacity for kindness, so let's offer ourselves to compassion. First there is recognition and then commitment. There is no need to remain untouched.

Another inspiring (and ongoing) story concerns Esther, the Wonder Pig, and the two kind souls who rescued and love her. I have written about Esther before but for those of you who haven't heard about her, this video will make you laugh. Esther is one loved and happy pig!

Esther the Wonder Pig

There are so many stories of animal sanctuaries, of people who gave up their jobs as waitresses, taxi drivers, mechanics and athletes to create sanctuaries where animals can live in happy, natural conditions. Some of the sanctuaries are for exotic animals and others are created to shelter farm animals.

Exotic Animals - Pat Derby: Celebrating A Remarkable Life
Farm Animals - Farm Sanctuary

Animal welfare and animal rights organizations that do good work are always fighting an uphill battle against better funded industry groups. For example, the Animal Legal Defense Fund trains and supports attorneys who will fight to create better conditions for animals. Many SPCAs operate on a shoestring and the people who work there are often underpaid. They are doing this because they love animals so let's honor them.

Animal Legal Defense Fund - Wikipedia

SPCA Volunteers - Youtube

Most important of all is what we do as individuals. To the millions of hard-working people who have day jobs but volunteer at a shelter on weekends and to you who do everyday acts of kindness, slowing down when there are animals near the road or stepping over a snail rather than stepping on it, you are my heroes.- Larry